African Leadership Group
People who cannot invent and reinvent themselves must be content with borrowed postures, second-hand ideas, fitting in instead of standing out.
Warren Bennis
To live an intergrated life as a leaders one needs to focus on the key areas like relationships, work life, personal growth as a leader, leadership challenges and skills developments.
Bill George
Exercising leadership is an expression of your aliveness... But when you cover yourself up, you risk losing something as well. In the struggle to save yourself, you can give up too many of those qualities that are the essence of being alive, like innocence, curiosity, and compassion.
Ronald Heifetz
Humility is the opposite of arrogance and narcissism. It means recognizing that you are not inherently superior to others and consequently that they are not inferior to you. It does not mean diminishing yourself, nor does it mean exalting yourself.
Warren Bennis
It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.
Charles Darwin
The only way to do great work is to love the work you do.
Steve Jobs

The African Leadership Group (Pty) Ltd (ALG) is a consulting firm that has been specialising in organisational, leadership and strategy development since 1982.

The ALG provides a full spectrum of leadership and organisational development consulting services to state-owned enterprises, multi-national corporations and the public sector.

In collaboration with its associate companies and international partners, the ALG has accumulated extensive experience and expertise in the areas of:

Capacity Building

  • Training and building capacity through accredited and non-accredited formal progmrammes and courses
  • Facilitation and moderation of group based learning activities such as dialogues, workshops, seminars and conferences
  • Professional support and mentorship through one on one and small group interactions

Organisational Development

  • Diagnostic research through the planning and implementation of Organisational Health Assessments
  • Organisational cohesion through team building workshops
  • Strategy development

Advisory Services

  • Professional feedback
  • Promoting innovation through receiving, reviewing and and developing new ideas
  • Developing and reviewing implementation plans
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